It is important to meet the needs of readability and evaluation of the fees while guaranteeing a quality practice.
It is easy to try to attract new clients by practicing low "call fees".
The client must question of what he will get in return.
A balance between cost / quality / specialization (skills) must be found.
Quality can justify an additional cost, the lawyer’s specialization generates a saving of time and thus of cost.
We must be able to ensure the clients total availability, responsiveness and a great adaptability.

We therefore consider the traditional practice of fees as outdated with unapplied or rectified rates, increased or revised fees...

For each file or service, we propose an evaluation of the cost based on an average hourly rate of practice and the estimated time, whenever possible.

For procedures or expertises in which work may be unpredictable, we evaluate their consequences in terms of time and cost, and we determine a flat fee whenever possible (with a low and high flat fee range).

We also consider alternative dispute resolution solutions to reduce the time and costs of possible proceedings with full presentation to the clients of what this may entail.